Some photos of the farm.


The pig pen. I’ll go more in-depth about pigs later, as I’m still learning and have quite a few musings on raising pigs in a permaculture setting. In the background you can see the small brick-and-mortar enclosures where the pigs normally spend their entire lives with several other pigs, forced to spend it in their own filth. We want happy pigs who are clean and can run around, so we added a large enclosed space for them to root around and roll around in the dirt to clean themselves and cool off. The original structures are good for their sleeping area when they want some protection from the sun or the rain, but they generally like to be outside. The fence posts are made of a quick-growing tree that people plant here where they want to put a fence or prepare a wire for passion fruit. We used split giant bamboo for the structural support of the fence and put lines of barbed wire along the inside to keep the pigs from pushing up against the bamboo too much, just in case we have a loose nail or two.

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